What I do: The bottom line is that I create things in a variety of mediums. Sometimes it's with my hands and other times with my laptop. Whether is it a website, custom illustration or a handmade piece of art, I love having the satisfaction at the end of a day of creating something visually.  Here are some of some samples of my work.

What I love: Nature, dancing, yoga, full moons, porch swings, laying in the sun like a cat, my family, traveling, cartoons, computers, coffee, wine, chocolate, spooky paranormal stories, fairies, and getting my hands dirty with mud.

What I believe: Art has filled my heart since I was a child. Being creative visually is my ultimate goal. I believe that we have the ability to be creative in different ways and must continue our search trying new and different things until we find that creative outlet that melds to our soul.

Where I've been: After receiving my B.F.A in Graphic Design  and B.A. in Spanish from Louisiana State University, In 2000, I began working as a graphic and web designer for such companies as WAFB Channel 9 News,, LSU, the LSU AgCenter and more. I'm also an adjunct instructor
at LSU Continuing Education teaching Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Currently, I am expanding my work in illustration and graphic / web design industries.

Funniest Job: Ok during college, I took a summer job as a bartender
in a bowling alley. It was smelly and filled with 70s d├ęcor and the league
bowlers looked like the Dude in The Big Lebowski.
That was one awesome month.


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