Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peggy Hilling it Today -

Ok, I often look to Peggy Hill for her confidence even when she is filled with useless knowledge. But I promise you, this knowledge is not useless if you have kids, career, some type of social life, etc. I was watching the Today Show one morning and they were mentioning useful websites for those with very little time, money or memory (I forget things constantly). I ran to my computer to see what all the hype was about and Bammm I found Alice is the errand runner for your home (at least grocery shopping). If you're like me you make a once a month grocery shopping trip in which you try to stock your home with all of the necessities. I don't look forward to this trip because it involves planning. Someone keeps the kids (don't dare bring them or it will be a long trip), check to see what all you need to buy, make a list, search for coupons, blah blah blah. You get the picture. Once you set up an account with, she will ask you questions on products you use and how often you will need to replace them. Then (bonus) it will offer you all the available coupons; SWEET! On top of that, there is FREE SHIPPING always. Alice will remind you when you might be low on items via email. I purchased $235 worth of products and there were $35 coupons taken off the total. I bought everything from baby food, diapers, medicine (OTC), hair color, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. and it was delivered to my door. From now on, I love Peggy Hill, but I''m loyal to Alice. Give it a try.

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